The Happiness Illusion: how the media sold us a fairytale

Co-Edited with Nadi Fadina

This book will cure you of feeling entitled to happiness so you can enjoy the pleasure of seeking out a life journey of your own making.

 Maryann Barone-Chapman, Jungian Analyst and former Advertising CEO and Creative Director

Luke Hockley¬† and Nadi Fadina’s The Happiness Illusion: How Media Sold Us a Fairytale frames this anthology of analytical psychology as an exploration of how contemporary media pervert the metaphorical insights of fairytales to sell viewers entrancing representations of endlses yet not quite fulfilling consumption… I would use a number of the chapters in this book in undergraduate film and television studies courses. –

Dr Daniel Keyes, University of British Columbia, PsycCritiques

I would recommend the book to academics and students in media studies. Those with a background in psychotherapy may also find it of interest. Overall, this is a very thought-provoking book, but perhaps not for those expecting a bit of a light read!

Dr Kate Sparks, Chartered Psychologist, The Psychologist