Jung and Film 2

Co-edited with Christopher Hauke

They’re back! The relentless creative output of the post-Jungian critique of film rolls on and you can’t ignore them. In this, their second volume of movie analyses, these writers – some academics, some clinicians, some both –  have returned in strength. While many psychoanalytic approaches to the moving image are starting to feel a little… what shall we say?… tired, the Jung-dude abides! And judging by the take-up of the first Jung and Film by Media and Film departments, clinical trainings and industry creatives alike, the out of date resistance to all things Jungian has witnessed a fast dissolve. These chapters are erudite, funny, sexy, sometimes a little weird. They offer tight close-ups and wide shots. They tell you about the psychology of film and the psychology of those who make film. Like with Coppola’s The Godfather – this sequel could be even better than what went before.

 Andrew Samuels, University of Essex, UK