Depression: Bereavement; Depression; Low Self-Esteem; Male Depression; Self-Harm, distressing thoughts and ideas

Depression can be frightening and debilitating. The loss of energy and not being able to enjoy life’s pleasures can make life seem pointless and futile.

The unpredictable nature of depression means that it is hard to know when it will happen, or how severe it will be.  Sometimes the waves of unhappiness pass in minutes or hours, while at other times they can last for days, weeks or months.  Of course, the experience of suddenly being overcome by tears for no apparent reason is extremely distressing and worrying whenever it happens and no matter how long it lasts.

Psychotherapy can help you to see the cycles of belief and behaviour that underpin these negative feelings and thoughts.  They can be changed in a supportive and caring way to help you find a new way of living your life.

Depression can follow the loss of loved one, particularly if you didn’t get the time to say good bye to them.  Grieving is an important part of life and when it is denied to us, grief can turn to depression.


Psychotherapy can help you to understand why your depression occurs, what the warning signs are and help you to develop strategies to cope.  In therapy with me you would also work on understanding why you experience depression, where it has come from and learn how to leave it behind and move on.