StressAnger; Anxiety; Dissociation; Stress; Traumatic Events; Work Related Issues

Stress and anxiety can be overwhelming and affect our relationships, work and health.  We know when we are really worried or frightened.  But sometimes the symptoms of stress and anxiety can also present themselves as anger, self-harm, over use of alcohol and other drugs, sex and panic attacks.

This can leave you angry, frustrated and with a feeling that your life is out of control.  Anxiety and stress put our personal relationships under a lot of pressure, with partners often finding it difficult to understand what is happening.  They can also impact the work place where it effects both our performance and relationships.

If we experience high levels of anxiety over a long period of time it can stop the immune system from working effectively, and cause serious physical and mental problems, including depression.

Psychotherapy will help you to identify and work through the challenges of life which have led to these overwhelming experiences.  In therapy you will explore the underlying problems and develop coping strategies, and so find relief.